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Thousands of Art Therapists use Carepatron everyday to streamline their Art Therapy practice. From therapy notes, health records, online scheduling, mobile app, voice to text,  therapy templates, invoicing, and payments —all in one mobile app.
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Clinical appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Optimize your therapy schedule, tasks, and to-do list in an Art Therapy app. Automate your appointment reminders (SMS and email) or use our fully integrated Telehealth video calling.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Therapy Notes & Health Records

Store your health records and therapy notes within a secure EHR system. Use our best practice Art Therapy resources and forms to get work done accurately and quickly.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Payments

Online Payments enable you to run your Art Therapy practice on the go. It makes it easy for you to accept contactless payments or accept prepayment. Getting paid fast helps you manage your cashflow while improving client experience.

Trusted by 10,000+ Art Therapists

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“Perfect for my Art Therapy practice. We are an Art Therapy team based in the USA with many clients across the US, Canada, and the UK.
Carepatron is the perfect solution for our therapists and clients. It is effortless to use. It has reduced our admin each day by 1.5 hours per practitioner. We have reduced the range of tools we use from 15 different Therapy apps to just Carepatron. It has been a complete game-changer for us. The customer service is excellent, always friendly and professional.
I like the most that Carepatron is already the best art therapy tool and is still improving. My clients compliment our team on the app, often saying they wish their other healthcare providers used the same product.”
Reilly N.
Art Therapist
Art Therapist photo
“Carepatron makes my life easier. It is straightforward to use, always does what I need it to when I need it. It is very reliable; I have never experienced any outages. I heavily use it for my clinical documents, Telehealth, syncing with my calendar, plus invoicing and payments. I also really appreciate the patient portal. It has been a game-changer for my clients, helping them experience more accessible treatment. I use the mobile app on my IOS phone and Android tablet everyday and love the ability to work while on the move!  The security and encryption capability is something I also value. It helps me stay HIPAA compliant.”
Lavna P.
Art Therapist
Art Therapy photo
“Carepatron is a "must-have" for Art Therapists. Keeping my health records in one place helps me quickly schedule appointments and send SMS reminders. I use the voice to text transcription to capture my progress notes rapidly. I also find it easy to upload clinical documents like intake forms, mental health questionnaires, medical history, etc. My focus on back-office administrative work has decreased thanks to Carepatron and its automation dramatically. I  am better organized and structured in both my therapy work and my business. This was driving me to burn out in the past. I also find the invoicing and therapy payment tools to be a delight. I automatically generate invoices, then pay them instantly using their preferred payment option. I find the cost of Carepatron very reasonable!”
Jim S.
Art Therapist
Art Therapy photo
“An excellent therapy app for small, growing mental health teams. Overall, I think it is a wonderful and friendly Art Therapy app for a growing practice. Carepatron provides our Therapists with many practical mental health tools, which lets my team manage their therapy workload and therapy payments in one HIPAA compliant app. The free version has allowed my team to get started quickly, testing it before we need to find funding. The invoices look very professional but straightforward to analyze and create. Carepatron helps our practice accept Credit card payments in a secured, contactless gateway and quickly process the transaction.”
Shola C.
Art Therapist

Art Therapy Billing Software

Integrate your private practice billing into a single Art Therapy system. This helps you to automate the generation of invoices and accept online payments. Do away with those awkward payment conversations at the end of your session with mobile payment processing. Reduce the time wasted in following up on unpaid and overdue invoices! HIPAA compliant billing, invoicing, and payments allow Art Therapists to manage their professional work and focus more on the work which matters. Whether it is tracking progress, creating treatment plans, writing progress notes, sending appointment reminders, or scheduling appointments. A beautiful Client Portal will help you provide therapy experiences your clients will love.
Art Therapist Billing Software benefits

Art Therapy Scheduling Software

Scheduling client appointments from your mobile device allows you to manage your calendar from wherever you need. You can book appointments, support online scheduling, and send appointment reminders with a single click. SMS messaging and a patient portal delivers a reduction in treatment no-shows across any mental health practice. Sync your Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar to stay up to date. Patient portals enable clients to book appointments online, share medical updates and pay with a credit card. They can also reschedule or cancel an appointment when needed via IOS, Android, or desktop.
Best Art Therapy Scheduling Software
Straightforward Billing Services For Art Therapist

Billing Services For Art Therapist

Our billing software enables Art Therapists to generate invoices and accept online payments within a secure therapy system. Your clients can process debit cards, bank transfers, or Stripe payments from within their patient portal. Our practice support team helps you automate your billing, electronic claims, and insurance claims throughout the process. Paperless invoicing supports professionals to avoid unnecessary administration and operations. It doesn't matter whether you are a solo practitioner or group therapy practice; you will be able to provide more virtual therapy services or receive paperless intake forms.

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Why your patient's experience is everything to your private practice
Why your patient's experience is everything to your private practice
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Practice management is always on my mind
Practice management is always on my mind
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Do more of the clinical work that makes you happy.
Do more of the clinical work that makes you happy.
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