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Physiotherapy scheduler
Scheduling & Calendar Management
Optimize your physical therapy schedule, book client appointments, and manage your to-do list within your practice management system. Use SMS and email appointment reminders to avoid no-shows. Provide virtual physiotherapy services from within a powerful, integrated video calling tool.
Physiotherapy notes
Physiotherapy Notes
Bring all of your client information, notes, and assessments together. We autosave your messages as you write them, so you don't lose work. Use our Physical therapy form and template library to ensure your team's work is always world-class.
Physiotherapy billing and payments
Accept Payments
Supercharge your contactless payments. Your clients can nominate a preferred payment method for you to charge. They can also pay online with our digital merchant terminal or online via email. You save time, and your clients love it! What a great way to improve your cash flow and client's treatments!

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Physio photo
“An excellent solution for small Physical Therapy business owners. Without question the best healthcare platform on the market. My clients benefit from the client portal and mobile app experience. I get a lot of positive feedback for the online payment capability.  I find it intuitive and easy to navigate. When we have new Physios join the team, we can get them set up smoothly. We manage all invoicing, scheduling, client records, note, and payments on this system. The free account to start its magic.”
Todd R.
Physiotherapy Business Owner photo
“Outstanding Physical Therapy app. When we opened our Physiotherapy studio, we were looking for a practice management system that was simple to use and including a payment gateway. Carepatron exceeds all of our expectations. It provides robust client information storage, intelligent scheduling with integrated invoicing and payments. I like how I can create reoccurring appointments and automate our session reminders. The client portal is excellent, reducing the hassles in sending invoices and receiving digital payments. HIPAA is important for us, so this is also great to have certified.”
Hiromi H.
Physiotherapy Business Owner
Neurological Physiotherapy photo
“High functionality, low-cost Healthcare software. I have been using Carepatron almost every single day for the last 18 months. It has improved how I work and what I spend my time doing. I use it to manage all of my client's notes, signed consents, and documents. I also facilitate all of my scheduling and online bookings within the app. Finally and most importantly, I process 100% of my payments and billing within this Healthcare app. I use the resources library to provide a practice management framework and best practice resources. I love how I can quickly move between mobile and desktop without missing anything”
Maria C.
Neurological Physiotherapist
Orthopedic Physiotherapist photo
“Physical Therapy Software in the Cloud! Before Carepatron, my small healthcare business was using paper-based processes and manual systems. Manual health records, handwritten notes, paper invoicing, and bank transfers. It was a nightmare. I was on the verge of burnout and bankruptcy. Now by using Carepatron, we have taken our entire workflow digitally. We save 2 hours per Physio each day! We save money on paper and space. Best of all, our clients are achieving better treatment outcomes. We are receiving more referrals and better feedback scores. This is the best software for small Physical Therapy practices that need to rethink how they run their business.”
Sharanya K.
Orthopedic Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Note Software

Carepatron provides you with the very best Physical Therapy note software. It gives your private practice an integrated EHR system, bringing together your health records, documents, billing, payments, telehealth, and more. It is HIPAA compliant solution, encrypting all your practice information with 246-bit encryption. You will be able to record progress notes or update treatment plans quickly with our voice-to-text transcription. Plus, our autosave capability ensures you never lose work again. Whether you create treatment plans, progress notes, SOAP notes, or discharge reports, you can do it better on Carepatron - mobile app, desktop, or both.
Top Physiotherapy Billing Software

Physiotherapy Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling software allows you to manage your physical therapy schedule while on the go. You can book appointments, support online scheduling, automatically send appointment confirmation and SMS reminders. The patient portal will help you to reduce no-shows while making your services more accessible with online bookings. Ensure your calendars are always up to date with your 2-way calendar sync (Google, Outlook, Ical).
Best Physiotherapy Scheduling Software
Straightforward Billing Services For Physiotherapists

Billing Services For Physiotherapists

Our Physiotherapist billing software enables you to streamline your invoicing and online payments in a single practice management system. It helps you accept credit cards, debit cards, or Stripe payments from your mobile device, via email, or desktop. You can send your bills securely within the client portal, allowing your clients to save time by paying invoices with a single click. Our award-winning physiotherapy support team is here to support your electronic claims or insurance claims 24/7. Contactless billing and payment services help healthcare practitioners to remove unless paperwork and administration from their private practice. Whether you are a solo physiotherapist or physical therapy practice, you will be able to deliver more telehealth or virtual services by automating your lower-value operational work.

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What Is A Progress Note? (+ Tips For Writing Them)
What Is A Progress Note? (+ Tips For Writing Them)
Progress notes are legal documents and are required each time there is an interaction between client and practitioner. Any competent and compliant clinician will keep a detailed set of progress notes for each client they see.
Practice management is always on my mind
Practice management is always on my mind
As a Physiotherapy community, we're all trying to manage an information overload every single day. Burnout across the healthcare industry has been explored in detail by The Harvard Business Review, one of the world's thought leaders on this problem.
Why Practice Management Software Is Essential in Difficult Times
Why Practice Management Software Is Essential in Difficult Times
During tough times you need to be across every client interaction, bill, and payment in your private practice. Last Sunday, it only took me 4 hours to update my client records, write my progress notes, create invoices, and process payments for the week. The crazy thing is this was a bit of a win for me. Sometimes I spend more than 5 hours a week doing this work.