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Chiropractic scheduling
Appointment Scheduling
Take control of your healthcare schedule with smart calendar management and scheduling tool. Use automatic client reminders and fully integrated telehealth video calling to give you the tools and flexibility to run a modern practice.
Chiropractic notes
Notes & Documentation
Store all of your client information safely in your own powerful EHR system. We autosave, so you'll never lose work again.
Chiropractic billing and payments
Accept Payments Online
Carepatron Payments make it easier for your clients to pay online, you save time while getting paid twice as fast. What great way to improve your cashflow!

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“It's very easy to use, great layout which makes it easy to navigate and find where you want to go. Easy to type notes on both laptop and phone (which is handy when I want to write notes when I haven't got my laptop with me) also integrates with my other tools as well.”
Sarah R.
“We can engage our clients and access notes anytime, anywhere. I find the medical scheduling tool easy to use while in a session or on the go. I would highly recommend it to any clinician.”
Micheal D.
“Carepatron is my go-to practice management software. It's super intuitive to use, and the customer support is fantastic! I love their online payments and reminder automation.”
Jane W.
“I have using this therapy software for a while now and it has been incredibly helpful. Its been amazing to be able to email Jamie Frew concerns or suggestion. Thank you!”
Sharanya K.

Chiropractic Billing Software

With Carepatron, your private practice billing is entirely integrated – which means you can automate the creation of invoices and process payments online. Avoid awkward payment conversations with your very own online payment software. Stop wasting time chasing unpaid invoices! HIPAA compliant invoicing allows Therapists to focus more on the work which matters. Whether it is creating treatment plans, progress notes, managing your workflow, or appointment scheduling. Make it user-friendly for your clients, parents, or third-party billing contacts to pay directly from a beautiful online Client Portal.
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Chiropractic Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling from a mobile app allows you to manage your workflow while on the move. You can schedule appointments, streamline online bookings or send appointment reminders anytime. Use SMS messaging or the patient portal to reduce no-shows across your mental health practice. Stay up to date by syncing your Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar. With your very own patient portal, clients can book appointments online or use credit card processing. They can reschedule or cancel via mobile or desktop, saving both you and their time.
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Billing Services For Chiropractors benefits

Billing Services For Chiropractors

Our billing software enables Chiropractors to manage all of their invoicing and online payments from within a secure management system. You can accept credit card or Stripe payments from within the client portal or send these via email for payment. Our award-winning customer support is here to streamline your electronic claims or insurance claims at every step of the process. Paperless billing services help health practitioners to remove unless administration from your private practice. No matter if you are a solo practitioner or group practice you will be able to focus on your telehealth or treatment plans by automating this part of your workflow.

Join 10,000+ Chiropractors using Carepatron to be more productive.

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Practice management is always on my mind
Practice management is always on my mind
As a Chiropractic community, we're all trying to manage an information overload every single day. Burnout across the healthcare industry has been explored in detail by The Harvard Business Review, one of the world's thought leaders on this problem.
What Is A Progress Note? (+ Tips For Writing Them)
What Is A Progress Note? (+ Tips For Writing Them)
A progress note is an essential document created by healthcare professionals to update a patient's medical records. They provide a paper trail of a client's treatment history and ensure that communication between clinicians within the healthcare sector is seamless and traceable.
How to grow your private practice?
How to grow your private practice?
Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship can be daunting. There are so many things that are required to start and build a private practice of your own. The majority of the work is diversifying and cultivating referral sources. As all good business owners will know, it involves understanding the landscape where you want to grow your private practice and ensuring you can track your progress.