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Mobile health applications contain various health-related information and features that can be accessed from any mobile device. As the number of people who own a smartphone increases every year, the healthcare industry is continuously adopting technological advancements to improve the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare.

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Benefit of Mobile Health

The Mobile Health app you and your clients will love

Clinical appointment scheduling

Mobile Scheduling

Always be in control of your schedule and to-do list with our mobile scheduling app. Eliminate no-shows from your day with automated reminders, which send professional email and SMS  messages to your clients to ensure they turn up on time, everytime.

Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Clinical Notes

Conduct assessments, create treatment plans, capture chart notes, write progress notes, and share discharge notes in the leading Mobile Note software. Store your clinical medical history and intake documents. Use our custom therapy templates or voice transcription to maximize your productivity.

Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Mobile Payment

Accepting online payments makes it easier for your clients to pay for their services. It saves you a huge amount of time while reducing your clients' barriers to receiving the health treatment they need.  Rapid mobile payments allow you to receive payment, then move on.

What is a mobile health app?

What is a mobile health app?

A mobile health application is a platform that contains various health-related information and features that can be accessed from any communication device. As the number of people who own a smartphone increases every year, the healthcare industry is continuously adopting technological advancements to improve the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare. The majority of mobile health apps have been developed with both patients and physicians in mind, and Health IT Outcomes reported that 93% of doctors believe that using mobile health apps will improve patient outcomes. A mobile health app typically includes a patient portal that grants clients access to relevant information that is stored on a single, secure platform. This may include appointment scheduling software that enables clients to book, reschedule and cancel appointments from anywhere, at any time. Other features include invoice information, online payments, and access to medical records. Implementing a mobile health app in your practice is a guaranteed way to maximize transparency and improve patient involvement in managing their own care.

Work Anywhere with Carepatron's mobile health app

Finding the most suitable mobile health app that caters to your business needs can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. Carepatron has developed an integrated software in collaboration with healthcare providers, aimed at improving the experience of both patients and physicians. The mobile health app provides a platform that allows physicians to connect with their clients from anywhere in the world. The integrated mobile health app includes various features that streamline administrative processes and enable effective communication:

Most importantly, Carepatron’s mobile health app is entirely HIPAA-compliant. All patient data that is stored in the system undergoes bank-level encryption, guaranteeing patient privacy. With Carepatron, your healthcare practice can improve the patient experience by improving efficiency and accessibility, whilst also streamlining administrative tasks that will save you both time and resources.

Work Anywhere with Carepatron's mobile health app
Features and benefits of Carepatron's mobile health app

Features and benefits of Carepatron's mobile health app

Carepatron offers highly sophisticated software for healthcare teams that are guaranteed to maximize both patient and physician experience:

  • Appointment scheduling: Managing appointment scheduling can be wearisome for patients and physicians. Carepatron’s appointment scheduling software allows patients to take control of their own booking and have greater flexibility in selecting a suitable appointment time. In turn, administrative staff no longer have to spend hours on the phone booking, rescheduling, and canceling clients and can instead rely on sophisticated software to produce an effective workflow. 
  • Automated reminders: The mobile health app can send out automated payment and appointment reminders, minimizing the risk of overdue invoices and no-shows. Carepatron’s appointment reminders have been shown to reduce up to 99% of no-shows, helping your business save valuable time and resources.
  • Online payments: Carepatron’s patient portal includes an online payment option. With only a few clicks, patients can pay their bills, simplifying the payment process and reducing the likelihood of overdue invoices. The patient portal also displays the client’s payment history, allowing them to have greater control over their finances.
  • Medical records: Patients are becoming increasingly interested in being involved in their own care and treatment. Carepatron’s mobile health app displays real-time medical records, and physicians have the option of uploading progress notes onto their patient’s portal. These features help patients keep track of their own progress and treatment plan, facilitating greater transparency.

Understanding how our mobile health app works

So how exactly does a mobile healthcare application work? Carepatron’s software is fully integrated with a variety of useful features, so everything you could need exists in a single place. Carepatron uses cloud-based technology, meaning that the data is stored in a remote location so your practice won’t require the installation or upkeep of hardware. The mobile app can be installed on IOS, Android, and desktop devices, allowing you to have unlimited access to the information you need. Once it has been installed, the system is extremely easy to learn, and your team will be navigating the app with ease in no time. Updates and improvements to the software occur continuously and happen behind the scenes, so you can enjoy the most recent technology without having to personally install it. Besides the previously mentioned appointment scheduling, medical records, and online payment options, Carepatron is integrated with the following features:

  • Clinical documentation: Carepatron’s platform is the ideal location to store your clinical notes. The platform comes with various templates, including SOAP, BIRP, and DAP that can streamline your note-taking process and guarantee consistency. Carepatron takes the privacy of your patients very seriously and is an entirely HIPAA-compliant system. Storing your notes online grants you 24/7 access to relevant information, whilst ensuring that patient privacy and confidentiality is prioritized. 
  • Video conferencing: As the telehealth industry continuously grows, it is important to integrate your practice’s system with high-quality video conferencing software. Carepatron’s mobile health app includes video conferencing options, allowing physicians to connect with their patients from anywhere, at any time. Physicians can use video conferencing to see, treat and diagnose their clients remotely, removing some of the barriers that prevent people from seeking healthcare.
  • Payment options: Patients can access online payment options from the mobile health app, which means you can get paid on the go! With only a few clicks, you can process online payments, send invoices and collect secure payments no matter where you are. 

Carepatron has been developed with physicians like you in mind, and the software is specifically designed to help your practice maximize efficiency and productivity. We understand that one of the largest concerns about implementing a mobile health app is related to patient privacy. Carepatron is HIPAA-compliant, and all patient data undergoes bank-level encryption. Only authorized users can access medical records, and it is up to the patient to determine who has authorization. Patient privacy is one of Carepatron’s top priorities and all confidential data is handled with complex security measures. 


The industry of mobile health apps has grown exponentially in recent years. This is understandable, as not only do the majority of people own and operate a smartphone, but these applications have been shown to improve the experience of both physicians and patients. With Carepatron’s health app, patients will be able to access their medical records, appointment scheduling, and payment options all from the same secure location. In turn, the various features integrated into the system, including clinical documentation and medical billing, will streamline administrative tasks and allow physicians to direct their time and energy into seeing more patients and delivering high-quality healthcare.

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Understanding how our mobile health app works

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