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Carepatron helps Life Coaches simplify their health records, scheduling, invoicing, and payments in a sure mobile app. You’ll be amazed at how much time you will save and how much faster you get paid. Who would have thought Life Coach billing software could do that?
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Wellness Coach scheduling
Client Appointment Scheduling
Carepatron will streamline your scheduling and calendar management. Use our intelligent appointment reminders to reduce no-shows. Provide more virtual life coaching services with our video calling tool.
Wellness Coach notes
Clinical Notes
Store your client records and information in a secure cloud Life Coaching system. We autosave your work, so you'll never lose it again. Use our best practice forms and templates to improve your practice management.
Wellness Coach billing and payments
Life Coaching Billing
Carepatron invoicing and payments remove friction from your billing process. It makes it easier for your clients to pay for their bills online, saving both you and them a lot of time. Get paid twice as fast while improving the accessibility of your services.

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“As the owner of a Life Coaching business, I've long heard many good things about Carepatron. Today I experienced just how fantastic it is. I found it easy to set up and quick to learn and navigate. My clients rave about the Client portal experience, they share progress updates with me, provide documents and send me messages. I customized my business profile, including additional information, logo, products, and services.  I like being able to bring all of my practice management together in one mobile app. The free version is easily the best in the world. Well done, folks, keep going!”
Mary K.
Life Coach
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“As a Life Coach, this has been a godsend and a huge time-saver. Carepatron has vastly improved the tools I previously used (Used Xero and Mircosoft office). It is easily worth the price tag. The Customer team is excellent; they have been there for me anytime I need them. I find it ultra-easy to use for both the essential tools plus more advanced features. I use Carepatron for client records, notes, documentation, video appointments, scheduling, appointment reminders, invoicing, and payments. The online client portal has been a tremendous value add to my life coaching team and clients.”
Mike G.
Life and Wellness Coach
Photo of Life Coach
“It has everything I need to grow my Life Coaching business. I was recommended Carepatron by a Dietitian friend and have loved using it ever since. I find the ability to safely store health records, capture progress notes and track client progress very helpful. My customers appreciate being able to pay online, share updates and send me messages. I find the online payment tool incredible, it's easier, and I get paid faster.”
Kera A.
Photo of Life Coaches
“"It allows me to manage my Life Coaching team and business in a simple and much faster way. It brings together all of our client information, note-taking, scheduling, invoicing, and payments. I like how professional it makes our practice look, whether it's the appointment reminders or logo within the invoice. Integrated video calling is magic, which means we can schedule a virtual appointment with one click. Contactless payments have been another significant improvement for us; we can accept payments however we need almost instantly.”
Rovena T.

Life Coach Note Software

With Carepatron, your note-taking is combined with your health records, scheduling, and payments software. You can optimize your clinical information and documentation with our voice-to-text transcription and form and templates library. You can monitor your client's progress or write your progress notes from within a beautiful mobile app. Easy switch between booking appointments, creating an invoice and reading a report. Share homework or messages with your clients via the client portal.
Top Life Coach Billing Software

Life Coach Scheduling Software

Scheduling life coaching sessions can be complicated sometimes. You need to be able to work around both your life coach teams and the client's availability. You can supercharge your calendar management and online booking with our appointment reminders and 2-way calendar sync (includes Google and Outlook). You can organize your bookings and to-do list with a mobile app while on the move. Our client portal helps you make your services more accessible, reducing no-shows and growing your client list. You can also process payments from within this coaching app as well as sharing information or sending updates.
Best Life Coach Scheduling Software
Amazing Billing Services For Life Coaches

Billing Services For Life Coaches

Our Life Coach billing software enables Life Coaches to facilitate all their invoicing and payments within a secure practice management system. You can accept contactless payments, including credit cards, bank transfers, and Stripe payments, within the client portal or via email. Our fantastic customer support is here 24/7 to streamline your electronic claims or insurance claims. Paperless billing services help coaching practitioners to remove unless administration while maintaining contactless service delivery. Whether you are a solo practitioner or a more extensive private practice, you will be able to focus more on virtual life coaching, treatment plans, or progress. Save time by automating your admin and operational work.

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