Why appointment scheduling software is killing calendars in 2021

What is appointment scheduling software?

Appointment scheduling software helps practitioners to keep tabs on everything about client's appointments and their own. Today with the introduction of automation into almost every field, medical scheduling is no exception. Automating your scheduling system will allow you to avoid many pesky mistakes that make your life just that bit more complicated. This means avoiding things like double bookings, no-shows, and the dreaded lost-diary disease. 

In general, appointment scheduling software should offer these five essential functions; 

1. Patient Scheduling - Enables clients to schedule an appointment with their practitioner from a list of available appointments and services. 

2. Automatic Reminders - Sends out reminders to all parties involved in each appointment to make sure no-shows and forgotten appointments are a thing of the past 

3. Practitioner Scheduling - This means that practitioners can book appointments with their clients as well as see when colleagues are available 

4. Calendar Management - This allows you to create appointments or remove them and instantaneously edit your calendar on every device

5. Realtime Confirmation - Invites other individuals such as co-workers or patients and means they can immediately accept or decline the invite 

Benefits of appointment scheduling software

Benefits of appointment scheduling software

Online appointment scheduling/online booking

As mentioned above, automation is the most significant benefit for both the patient and the practitioner. Any great appointment scheduling software should send email or SMS reminders to ensure that there aren't any no-shows after an appointment has been organized. 

Another benefit to appointment management automation is that you'll save time and money. You'll be able to streamline patient-facing appointments; you will know when you no time slots booked so you can close your office early (particularly helpful for small businesses). Or maybe get some much-needed paperwork done. Or better yet, take the afternoon off!🎉

Your automatic email reminders for upcoming appointments will ensure you and your patients don't forget about any appointments or need rescheduling. 

Reduce no-shows and cancellations

Because appointment scheduling software can send out appointment reminders via SMS to mobile devices, social media, and email, you are far less likely to experience last-minute patient reschedules, no-shows and cancellations. 

Patients will initially have the option to accept or deny their appointment request in the booking process. Meaning they can take the time to check their diary or mobile app and see if they are available. Following this, they will receive reminders to ensure they don't forget about the appointment or accidentally book something else. An appointment scheduler will improve customer engagement and customer relationships and, most importantly, for a healthcare practitioner, customer satisfaction. Aside from functionality, online appointment booking is excellent for the rapport you work so hard to build with patients. 

client no-shows

Book appointments on the go

Today, many health practitioners find themselves constantly on the move, working between practices and between patient's homes. Not only does this mean that you're entirely reliant on your diary to tell you where to go next but also that it needs to be mobile. 

HIPAA compliant mobile apps are a great way to solve this. Today, some service providers, such as Carepatron, offer a software solution for those healthcare practitioners who are constantly on the move and need an online booking software solution. 

Maximize your time 🕰

Using a scheduling tool means that you can maximize your time. Patients and other practitioners can see your business hours and when you are available and request appointments. In addition to this, you can simultaneously accept or decline the request and visa versa. Most importantly, as a business owner, you'll be able to save time.⚡️ You'll never find yourself in the office for no reason and will improve your customer experience as they'll be able to request a time that suits them. 

Grow and Increase your revenue by saving your time

Although healthcare professionals are usually not in the business for the money, it's still crucial to make a living.💰 Acuity Scheduling and appointment booking software doesn't necessarily seem like the obvious solution to growing and increasing your business's revenue, but it really does. Having the ability to map out your time (and others) means you'll be able to see more patients and not having to deal with booking errors, no-shows and reduce the number of cancellations and rescheduling. You won't have to spend unbillable time on the phone with a patient trying to sort out a time that suits you both. 

Immersive client experiences 🧑💻

Using an appointment scheduling solution such as management software means that your patients will have a better experience with your practice. As convenient as it is for you to schedule appointments online, it will be for anyone else using the software too. With online software, patients can go in and alter many different aspects of their appointments. Patients will then be more satisfied as they come into meetings with you and potentially make therapy more effective. Giving patients control to schedule appointments that suit them creates an immersive client experience that will result in the success of your practice.

Make Every Appointment Count With Carepatron

So you've read how transformational appointment scheduling software is, but where do you find it? Well, Carepatron not only offers the most up-to-date appointment scheduling software, but it is an all-in-one practice management software for all of your needs. 

Carepatron allows practitioners to spend time on the things they love. It's a pleasure to navigate around and doesn't require its users to be tech-savvy🎶 . As a practitioner myself, I know that can be a big drawcard for practitioners and patients alike. Carepatron enables you to spend more time with patients and less time capturing notes and formatting documents. 

Here's why;

  • The ability to collaborate with your patients through sharing notes tailored to medical information and documentation within the secure platform
  • The all-important autosave meaning you'll never lose work again. Carepatron automatically saves all of your notes in real time. 
  • AI voice transcription... whhhhaaaaat! We all know it's often faster to type with your voice but who knew healthcare professionals would have access to something so futuristic. 

Carepatron is the newest and the greatest. They provide expert support 24/7 that is available to every practitioner. They are committed to supporting each client and run their practice to ensure they are both HIPPA compliant and demonstrating best practice. As a practitioner, you will have the ability to quickly check and manage client details, notes and documents, and more on one all-in-one software.

So sign up with Carepatron today and take your productivity to the next level!

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