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April 30, 2021

What's New on the Carepatron Mobile App: April 2021

Life is busy when you work in healthcare. We all want to manage our clinical and practice work from one place. Whether that's checking up on a client appointment, capturing a progress note, adding a task to your to-do list, or making sure your home tonight in time for dinner. In fact, we expect it 🤓, And your private practice should be no different. 

For precisely this reason, we have released the world's best scheduling and workflow tool for healthcare professionals.  You need to be able to manage all of your all work in one single place. One app which does it all!

We're thrilled to offer you that capability—now, the best ever. 

In April, we released many new tools and updates for the mobile app to level up your client experience and make running your private practice from anywhere more manageable. Have a look and let us know how it works for you. Your feedback and insights are what makes Carepatron special, so please keeping sharing. 🙏

New Feature on the Carepatron App: April 2021

Client appointments

Create and manage all of your client workflows from one place. We've designed a scheduling tool that brings together every client appointment, task, or reminder for you and your team. Seamlessly capture progress notes from within the appointment modal or schedule further sessions with 2 clicks.

Automatic client reminders

Life is far too short to spend your evenings sending text reminders. Our powerful reminder service sends automatic messages 48 before an appointment (You can change this to whatever you prefer). With this service, clients can also notify you anytime if they are unable to attend the session.

Secure Telehealth

We have redesigned our Telehealth service so you can now include a secure video link in your appointment invites with one simple click. This will help ensure everyone can quickly attend a video session with no technical challenges and without having to download another new app.

Calendar Sync

The last thing you need is another schedule that doesn't sync with your existing calendar. We have created a new service that will send every appointment you schedule in Carepatron to your preferred calendar (the same email you use to sign in).

Tasks and reminders

We have created an ability to create and assign tasks across your practice. This may be a job you need your colleague to complete or even a report you need to provide by a specific date.

Client relationship field

We have updated the client relationship field to simplify the process of capturing your client's critical relationships like a parent, support workers, or other care providers. This creates a single workspace for you and your clients and their care team.

Your Services

We have created the capability for you to capture a category of the services your private practice provides. This will help you easily track the work you do and the charges to pass through to your clients.

Until next month…

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