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June 21, 2021

Best Healthcare appointment scheduling software for 2021 (Features & Pricing)

Why use appointment scheduling software?

Facilitating healthcare appointments often take up far too much of our time. Excellent appointment scheduling software helps to streamline your workflow. It automates the end-to-end booking and rescheduling process. Best of all, it provides your clients with a beautiful experience, where they don't need to waste their time calling your office to make a simple booking change. With the right tool, you can save hours of unnecessary admin every single week! 🎉

Invites and reminders are sent in real-time. Thus, ensuring every client has the details they need while also receiving helpful reminders to not miss a vital booking.

Our lives are too busy to worry about those day-to-day issues with basic client scheduling. Making the switch means that you can schedule appointments, access calendars, and send out automated emails or SMS reminders anytime.

Scheduling an appointment

What do you need in a scheduling tool? And how much (if at all) should it cost?

Any medical appointment scheduling software, as a minimum, should include these key features:  

HIPAA Compliance: Like any good healthcare professional should know, your team should use only HIPAA-compliant software.👩‍🔬

Calendar Management: Create appointments, reschedule them, or manage cancellations by instantaneously updating your calendar.

Automatic Reminders: Sends out reminders to all parties involved in each appointment to make sure no-shows and forgotten appointments are a thing of the past.    

Online Scheduling: Enables clients to schedule an appointment with their practitioner any time of the day ⚡️

Team Calendar: This means that team members can book appointments for each other when they need. They can see where each other are to help ensure everyone is safe and supported. 👊

Real-time Confirmation: Send instant invites to co-workers or patients and means they can immediately accept or decline the invite

Who benefits from appointment scheduling software?

Although most healthcare professionals are incredible in a therapeutic setting, practice management as a business owner is not always a strong point.

It's because most of us didn't get into healthcare or medicine because of our entrepreneurial or business skills. Don't get me wrong, some healthcare people are excellent at this part of the job, but I am not one of them. 🤯

That's why it's imperative we use a great software solution to make the scheduling process as streamline and automated as possible. Unfortunately, most teams are not large enough to justify the expense of a dedicated admin employee to manage appointment booking, credit card, and online payments.

This means that practitioners like you and I often spend most of our workday juggling administration and patient appointments. As a small practice, switching from using google calendar or outlook to an online appointment scheduling software has been a game-changer and something I recommend to any healthcare professional.

Appointment scheduling mistakes

Appointment scheduling software benefits

Better patient experiences

Online scheduling software means that your patients will have a more immersive experience. They can book or reschedule their appointments online. They receive instant appointment invites which synchronous with their calendars. Plus, they will receive automatic reminders, so they don't forget about essential bookings ever again. These beautiful experiences result in happier and more engaged patients. Making therapy more accessible and more manageable is a win-win for everyone. 👍

Giving patients more agency in their treatment empowers them to take ownership of their journey and outcomes.

Reduce no-shows and cancellations.

Excellent online scheduling software will automatically send out SMS or email reminders to android or IOS mobile devices. These appointment reminders will mean you are far less likely to have patients forget about your appointment altogether or call you last minute to cancel.

Smart appointment reminders allow clients to interact with the booking, accept, reschedule, or cancel if needed. We all know things come up. Empowering clients to manage these changes removes friction for them and a whole heap of admin work for you and your team. 📝

Reducing no-shows

Schedule appointments on the go

Most healthcare practitioners in the Covid-19 world find themselves working between different locations; this could be from other practices or their own homes. As a clinician, you are entirely reliant on your diary to tell you where to go next and who you are meeting. Therefore, a good booking system needs to include a HIPAA-compliant mobile app. This gives you the power to manage or update your appointments from anywhere, anytime. Check out Carepatron. It offers the best mobile solution to small businesses, which we have seen.

Maximize your resources

A scheduling tool will mean that you can maximize your productive time. As healthcare professionals, we aren't in the business to make money but using resources effectively is an integral part of making a good living from what we do. Acuity scheduling software won't be the first thing you think of when attempting to increase your business's revenue, but optimizing your available timeslots means you can see more patients. More patient sessions = increased revenue. 💸

Additionally, it will mean not having to deal with double bookings, no-shows and reduce the number of cancellations. You also won't have to spend unbillable time on the phone with a patient to find a suitable time. Patients and other practitioners will also see your business hours and when you are available for appointments (calendar sync).

9 Best Appointment Scheduler Software

After reading how transformational appointment scheduling software is and what to look for, the only question is which software platform to choose? To help, we have reviewed a long list of potential solutions.

  1. Carepatron
  2. Calendly
  3. Appointy
  4. Setmore
  5. 10 to 8
  6. SimplyBook
  7. Acuityscheduling
  8. Squareup
  9. Picktime

Carepatron is the clear winner.  🥇

Carepatron not only offers the most user-friendly appointment scheduling software, but it is an all-in-one healthcare workspace for all of your practice needs. Carepatron offers a vast number of functions outside of appointment scheduling, including;

  • Client records
  • Scheduling
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Reminders
  • Telehealth
  • Client portal
  • Voice transcription

As a Healthcare Professional, these are the functions I have found the most useful;

  • The fact that it's FREE
  • Integrated Stripe or PayPal point of sale payment processing
  • Automated reminders which you can customize
  • It is basically an amazing CRM for healthcare
  • Using the booking page to manage online bookings
  • Amazing clinical templates
  • The very best customer support I have ever seen 🏆
  • The ability to build a community based around my work
  • A to-do list where I can manage all of my workload in one place, reducing the cognitive load from doing my job
  • Telehealth with the ability to start a video call anytime
  • A transcription service so I don't have to type out my notes
  • Ability to collaborate, I can bring my client and the rest of their care team together in one digital workspace—sharing information seamlessly in an encrypted, HIPAA-certified environment

But don't take my word for it! Instead, click here to Try Carepatron for free yourself...

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